When heritage preservation becomes an art...

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The Precious Reserves

The ram by Pierre Matter

Les Réserves Précieuses is the result of encounters initiated by Epicentro between people, places and universes as varied as they are unusual in a virtuous upcycling dynamic. A few sites: Traitex (wool processing), the SNCB (Belgian National Railway Company), the Foundry (Museum) and the Brussels Law Courts, etc... A few partner artists and craftsmen: Pierre Matter, Denis Meyers, Ange Bruneel, Benjamin Spark, Pierre Vanhercke, etc... A few universes: heavy industry, railways, justice, etc... A few places: Verviers, Brussels, Havana, etc...

Design furniture production in Havana - Cuba with 19th century machinery

The collection

The collection

Epicentro highlights objects, people or places with a particular historical, emotional or scientific charge. The proceeds from the sale of the art prints are shared between Epicentro and the place from which the photographed items originate.
These photos also serve as diplomatic gifts to companies and/or international institutions.

Lampistry, Cheratte - Belgium 2015

The moments

The moments

Epicentro is the key to privileged access to rare personalities and exclusive venues.

Painting restoration workshop, Havana, Cuba, 2019

The circle

The Circle

Culture and heritage need each of us to be preserved. Joining the Circle allows you to be at the side of Epicentro's teams to combine meaning, usefulness and emotions to this preservation.

Exhibition "Les Bijoux Industriels de Verviers", Brussels, Belgium, 2016